You’re probably on these articles right now because 1. You googled “Cold Pressed Juice Hong Kong”or “Organic Juice Hong Kong” Whatever you typed into that search engine doesn’t matter because yes, Catch Juicery does Cold Pressed Organic Juices for all the health conscious individuals looking for a nice and efficient juice cleanse. The next question you may have is, why are our prices so steep compared to other juice stalls? That’s bull. Our prices are steeper than other non-organic juice stalls that use centrifugal juicer. Now that makes more sense Our celebrity nutritionist, Lisa Defazio, endorses all our juice recipes. Note: celebrity. That has got to interest you somehow. There, go on, type that name into the search engine and you’ll know who we’re talking about. Her specs are way too awesome for us to summarize in this puny paragraph.


Eat Clean, Live Well

#EatClean and #LiveWell: Eat clean will improve your mood! More than just keeping the doctor away, a psychological study done by British Journal of Health Psychology has found that eating apples daily can also keep the blues at bay. Young adults who began consuming more fruits and vegetables reported that they began to feel happier and…

Catch Juicery: In a Nutshell

Catch Juicery menu Defined in a Nutshell. Organic Juices in Hong Kong
More than just a passing fad, Catch Juicery is your dream catcher to healthier living. The Catch brand does more than just fulfilling your juicing needs. We've branched out into Catch Juicery and Catch Grocery, catering to all you lazy people out there who wants everything in one stop. Catch Juicery Defined You're probably on...