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Cold Pressed Juice is Awesome

Catch Juicery's cold press juicing process

What is this cold pressed juice that has hipsters flocking and health nuts rushing — to get a bottle? Cold pressed juice is made with a hydraulic press that uses high amounts of pressure (instead of heat) to extract the maximum amount of nectar from fresh fruits and vegetables, while leaving the fiber behind. The absence of heat is definitely its greatest selling point, because the hydraulic press relies solely on pressure to extract juices, which minimises any enzymes or vitamins lost due to high amounts of heat.

Supermarket Juices

In comparison, pasteurisation, which is the way we get most of the cartons of juices at the supermarket, is a process where chemicals and preservatives are added to the juices to give it a long shelve life. Though heat added is used to eliminate harmful bacteria, it also inevitably removes most of the good bacterium in the process. Did you know that most of the pasteurised juices you see at the supermarket have been juiced about six to twelve months ago?

cold pressed juice

We fly in 100% organic fresh fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly, and turn them into delicious and nutritious cold pressed juices.

Drink cold pressed juice fast

However, due to no heat or preservatives added, cold pressed juice do indeed have a significantly shorter shelf life. This is because, in order to really benefit from the enzymes and vitamins stored in the juices from the zero-heat extraction, you’ll have to consume the juices closer to its pressed date.

Detox, cleanse and flush your body with nutrients

Though cold pressed juice may have a slightly steeper price tag than your regular cartons of juice sitting on the shelves of your supermarkets, we guarantee that you’re paying for more than just a fresher bottle of juice. Most cold pressed juice, including ours, are specially crafted to include a perfect balance of different fruits and vegetables, making sure your body is replenished with the right amount of nutrients. Even more so, with our hectic schedules, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the right amount of fruits and vegetables our body needs! Having a bottle of cold pressed green juice on the go allows you to pile up on your greens in your diet without interfering with your daily routine! But don’t just take what we say as the truth, try a bottle, and trust me — you won’t ever look back.