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Catch Juicery: In a Nutshell

Catch Juicery menu Defined in a Nutshell. Organic Juices in Hong Kong

More than just a passing fad, Catch Juicery is your dream catcher to healthier living. The Catch brand does more than just fulfilling your juicing needs. We’ve branched out into Catch Juicery and Catch Grocery, catering to all you lazy people out there who wants everything in one stop.

Catch Juicery Defined

You’re probably on this page right now because 1. You googled “Cold Pressed Juice Hong Kong”or “Organic Juice Hong Kong” Whatever you typed into that search engine doesn’t matter because yes, Catch Juicery does Cold Pressed Organic Juices for all the health conscious individuals looking for a nice and efficient juice cleanse.

The next question you may have is, why are our prices so steep compared to other juice stalls? That’s bull. Our prices are steeper than other non-organic juice stalls that use centrifugal juicer. Now that makes more sense 🙂

Our celebrity nutritionist, Lisa Defazio, endorses all our juice recipes. Note: celebrity. That has got to interest you somehow. There, go on, type that name into the search engine and you’ll know who we’re talking about. Her specs are way too awesome for us to summarize in this puny paragraph.

Catch Grocery: 100% Organic Groceries

Besides juicing, we’re proud to introduce Catch Grocery. Catch Grocery sells organic groceries, where you can create your own organic juice recipe to name after the Einstein in you. You can get your own organic produce from us to blend your own juice with your favorite ingredients, while keeping it 100% organic, yay!

Currently, while we have started delivering groceries to people’s homes, our grocery website is still in works because we want to bring you the best user experience instead of sloppy navigation.

But we welcome enquiries, email us at info@catchgrocery.com or call us at 9317 7796 and we’ll satisfy your curious minds.

If you’re tired of liquid diets and want something organic, healthy and solid, never fear, because being the considerate us, we ensure that you get the best of both worlds. Drop by during your lunchtime to enjoy a well-crafted salad from us.

The grocers in us guarantee it’s fresher than what you get outside. And maybe you might want to pick up some organic snacks to snack on while absorbing all that radiation from your laptop. Ooh, you’ll definitely need to do a juice detox to get rid of all that radiation.

To all the lazies out there, whether you’re too busy to step out of your house or you simply have no wish to either beat the heat or the traffic, here’s a piece of good news. WE DO DELIVERIES.

Catch Juicery & Catch Grocery deliver pretty much everything organic to your doorstep

Catch Juicery & Catch Grocery deliver pretty much everything organic to your doorstep

That’s right, we deliver right to your doorstep be it juices or groceries, because we love to make your life easy. ALL HAIL CATCH.

What’s a shop without a good ol’ loyalty program? At Catch, to thank your support, we give out Loyalty stamp cards for all you thrifty people out there. Thrifty, not stingy.

Get a free juice/smoothie on us after every tenth bottle/glass you buy, you do the math.

In a nutshell, this is what we do at Catch and we hope that this gave you a better overview of us. So what are you waiting for? Come visit us at:

G/F, 67 Wellington Street, Central
Call us at (852) 2567 3677
Whatsapp or SMS us at (852) 9317 7796
Email us at info@catchjuicery.com
Opening Hours(Mon-Sun): 9:30am to 7:30pm