Cleanses FAQ


Before you begin cleansing, you’ll probably want to know some stuff. We’ll tell you what we know based on our long and happy experience with cleanses.

What is Cold-Pressed

Cold pressed juices are juices made with a Hydraulic Cold Press machine, different from your regular juicing machines involving blades and heat. The regular machines results in a lot of damaged and wasted nutrients as not all of it is extracted from the pulp.

The hydraulic machines uses high pressure to extract the liquid form your greens and fruits cold, presenting you a bottle full of nutrients with minimised wastage, the way you should have it.

Juice Cleanses Frequently Asked Questions

One of the richest sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes comes in the form of raw foods, especially from fruits and vegetables. These nutrients are more easily absorbed into your system as juices requires less work in digestion as compared to solid food. Drinking juices also makes it easier for you to reach your daily recommended servings of greens and fruits.

The bottles will be labeled with numbers. This is the recommended order pieced together by our nutritionist. There is no right or wrong, you can feel free to drink it in any order you deem fit.

We recommend that you take one bottle every two hours for the best effect. There is no strict schedule you need to follow, you can always drink the juices at your own pace.

There is no fixed routine, but for you to ease into the cleanse easier, you can start by cutting back on the amount of processed food you take a few days before embarking on the cleansing journey. This includes smoking, coffee, alcohol, etc.

You can add them to your juices or smoothies for the extra boost. Or you can mix them with plain water and drink it.

Avoid coffee as coffee is deemed to be toxic to your system. The whole idea of the cleanse is to flush out unwanted toxins in your system and it would not work if you undergo the juice cleanse while refusing to abstain from these food.

For the best results, you should abstain from solid food as well as it will slow down the detoxification process. The juices are well designed to provide your body with the needed nutrients to carry out daily activities. Water and herbal tea are highly recommended should you need to drink something else.

Light exercises are fine but vigorous physical activities are not recommended, especially if you have just started on a juice cleanse for the first time. Changing your diet from solid food to juices puts a certain amount of burden on your body and your body needs time to adjust and all the energy it can get during this transition.

Some side effects includes headaches, vomiting and feeling lethargic. Different people will experience different side effects, so just persevere and ensure you get plenty of rest. You will find your efforts paying off at the end of the cleanse.

It is not recommended for pregnant ladies to start on a juice cleanse. Those with medical conditions should consult their doctors, we are unable to provide you a professional advice.

Cleansing should be done in intervals of every 4 to 6 weeks.

Yes, the ingredients we use in our juices are 100% organic as we believe in providing the best. Organic produces guarantees fresher and healthier juices.

At the end of your cleanse, you should slowly ease back into your solid food diet. Do not overeat, chances are your body needs time to adjust back to your normal diet so you should take solid food in moderate amounts.

The main purpose of the juice cleanse is not to lose weight but to detox. Weight loss is subjective.