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Ask our juicing team for any inquery you have. we will try our best to provide you the valuable information. We minimise our waste and carbon footprint by bottling our juices in glass. the most recyclable of bottle options. Meet the brain behind our juices. Our very own in-house nutritionist has come up with concoctions to deliver the best recipes to suit your daily nutrition needs.Catch Juicery was started with humble beginnings: two friends, one vision. The visionary in them saw masses reforming their lives starting with healthier nutrition, made even better with 100% organic juices with prices so low you can’t find it anywhere else. Yeah, crazy right? But Catch Juicery does exactly that. We believe that things are good for a reason but it doesn’t mean they come at unaffordable prices and Catch Juicery’s motto is to create a mind blowing wellness experience that you can afford. Hailing from the West Coast of United States, co-founder Alex is no stranger to the food and beverage industry. Banking on his experience, we are able to streamline the operations and business processes, saving on costs that can and should be saved by employing resources more efficiently and we reflect the savings back to you! Co-founder ChoonBoon, who spent much time in the East Coast of United States, was previously from Wall Street. We don’t want to bore you with the technicalities, but the idea is that he detests any form of unjust money spent and to prevent this from happening, he uses his knowledge and experience in finance, working magic into the numbers and stripping down unnecessary costs. These two very different individuals came together with an explosive bang to create Catch Juicery, greatly powered by their unrivaled love for organic juices. We are more than just another juicing business, our dream is to be the first person you think of when it comes to healthy living through conscious nutrition. We dream big, so should you. Somniare aude!

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Catch Juicery
Catch Juicery Organic Cold Pressed Juice Shop Hong Kong
  • G/F, 67 Wellington Street, Central
    Call/Whatsapp/SMS us at (852) 9317 7796
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    Opening Hours(Mon-Sun): 8am to 7pm

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