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Eat Clean, Live Well

#EatClean and #LiveWell:

  • Eat clean will improve your mood!

More than just keeping the doctor away, a psychological study done by British Journal of Health Psychology has found that eating apples daily can also keep the blues at bay. Young adults who began consuming more fruits and vegetables reported that they began to feel happier and more energetic than usual. Who knew you could become a brighter you by eating healthier foods!

  • It makes your smarter

Though fish oil is often recommended for kids to eat during their growing years, the benefits don’t just stop there! Eating fish can also improve the cognitive processes of adults, and white meat such as fish can even keep you lean at the same time! Healthy fats and antioxidants also help your cognitive processes while preventing memory loss later in your life!

  • It gives you clearer skin

For those with acne problems, it seems like even after using a myriad of different skin products, nothing can salvage your skin. But if you consider carefully, your own diet could be the cause of your misery! Sugary and oily foods are often the cause of acne and pimples, and for those with very sensitive skin, cutting down on dairy or processed grains could use your skin’s irritation as well!

  • Eat clean helps you live well and sleep better at night

With constant pressure from school or work, it seems like even tiredness can’t give most of us a good sleep at night. Insomnia is one of the most common health problems adults have and fortunately, a change in your diet can fix that statistic. Magnesium in dark chocolate and oats can help you fall asleep faster at night, reducing those restless periods before falling asleep. Fermented dairy products such as yogurt are believed to also give one higher quality sleep, making sure you feel rested when you wake up in the morning.

  • And of course, helps you keep in shape!

Cutting off unhealthy food will indefinitely improve your physique and trim one or two inches of your waistline! A better body will boost your confidence and self-esteem, giving you the motivation to carry on this new life style!

#EatClean doesn’t have to be expensive!

So maybe you’re almost convinced but just a little worried for your wallet. Don’t be fooled! Though many think that a healthy diet will add hundreds of dollars into one’s grocery bill each month, a study by Harvard found that switching to leaner meats and healthier foods add only 1.50 dollars into one’s daily expenses! So start getting healthy!