Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin cleansing, you’ll probably want to know some stuff. We’ll tell you what we know based on our long and happy experience with cleanses, but keep in mind we’re not doctors.

We’re very bright, but we’re not licensed to give medical advice. That said, we have lots of nutritionist friends and customers who swear by our cleanses, and there’s a lot of info online about our ingredients and their benefits…although it’s pretty hard to argue with apples and carrots and celery

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, our juices have a shelf life of around 3 days. We’re a small establishment, too small to engage in a process called high pressure pasteurisation to extend the shelf life by destroying your enzymes and nutrients.

It’s not normal if you compare it to your additives-ridden juices you get from your local supermarket. It is however, normal if you compare it juices that have not undergone any additional processing. After all, we’re not too concerned with how pretty it looks.

We deliver at your convenience, so you need to opt for an address and a time slot that’s at your convenience.

100% organic flown from all over the world.

We believe in getting what you pay for. We prepare your juices in small batches for the best quality control so no mass production is involved. And of course, organic produces are more expensive than your normal ones, hence the slightly pricier juices.

You can order online here, at our store located at G/F, 67 Wellington Street, Central, call us at +852 2567 3677 or email us at

Yes, you can pick up at our store located at G/F, 67 Wellington Street, Central at the time specified either when you check out, or in the confirmation email, which we will send to you upon your order.

o For online order, we accept payment via paypal or credit cards.
o For in-store order, we accept payment via credit cards, octopus or cash
o Payment must be made before we can process your order

No cancellation is allowed once you place an order. You may however change the date you wish to receive/pick up the juices. If you wish to change the date, please notify us 48 hours in advance.