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Why Catch

100% cold pressed juices

juice cleanse

Through the usage of commercial hydraulic press machine, we utilize cold pressing techniques to extract the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. Cold pressing minimizes the damage caused to the nutrients by oxidation or heating, bringing you the best juice experience. No pressure (and no pun intended).

Organic Produce

We get our organic ingredients from all over the world.  Just one sip of juice will bring you and your taste buds on a trip around the world. Catch Juicery is one of the first juicing companies in Hong Kong to offer 100% certified organic. Why organic? Organic means the fruits and vegetables we use are cultivated under a set of strict international standards, ensuring that the produce we consume are healthier, fresher and more environmentally-friendly.


Healthy food doesn’t necessarily taste bad and vice versa. With our delicately crafted recipes, it will taste so unbelievable good you wouldn’t know what went in those juices, in a good way of course. Imagine the healthy greens that you have adversely avoided since forever. Flavor combinations so good, we cater to even the pickiest of the eaters.


We deliver to your door step so you no longer have to weave through throngs of people just to pick up your juices. Enjoy your juice and chill out anywhere you want while we cater to you.

Nutritionist Information

Meet the brain behind our juices. Our very own in-house nutritionist has come up with concoctions to deliver the best recipes to suit your daily nutrition needs.


Lisa Defazio healthy lifestyle expert, celebrity nutritionist juice cleanse
Lisa Defazio healthy lifestyle expert, celebrity nutritionist

Lisa DeFazio is a healthy lifestyle expert, celebrity nutritionist and host who was born and raised in Hollywood, California. Her interest in communication mediums began with her BA in English from California State University Northridge. She then interned at Madonna’s Maverick Television Company researching story ideas and writing script coverage.

Lisa’s interest in health, fitness and nutrition led her to become a Certified Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science from California State University Los Angeles.

Growing up in the Hollywood Hills, Lisa has a unique perspective when it comes to Hollywood Stars, the Hollywood lifestyle, and Celebrity diets.

Lisa has become the go-to diet and lifestyle expert for numerous media outlets such as Redbook, Details, Us Weekly, Star, OK! Magazine, Life & Style, Hollywoodlife.com, Celebuzz, Perez Hilton’s websites, Shape, and many more.

Lisa has been a featured on air expert for ABC, CBS, FOX, KCAL, KTLA, TV Guide Network, The Daily Buzz, The Home Shopping Channel, KFWB 980 News Talk Radio, KABC Talk Radio and more.

Lisa knows Hollywood. She grew up here, lives here, and knows what Hollywood Stars are doing behind closed doors to look Red Carpet ready. Lisa shares this insider knowledge, so everyone can feel like a celebrity in their own way. We all have a “Star” hidden inside of us, and Lisa believes that you don’t have to be a Celebrity to look and feel like one! Lisa’s career continues to evolve. She is writing a book, working on a television show, and creating a food and lifestyle product line.


We minimise our waste and carbon footprint by bottling our juices in glass, the most recyclable of bottle options. Glass
bottles are vital to preserving the shelf life, nutrients and taste of our juices.

100% Organic Produce